Tone includes over 2000 simple vocabulary words from 40 languages from around the world, so that you can learn to pronounce sounds and words from any language in the world, no matter how complex it may seem at first. We selected languages that had unique features so you can cover the most ground with the least amount of work. If you are new to Tone, check out the home page for an intro on how to pronounce the runes and some helpful links around the site.

You can follow the guide on the home page to learn how to pronounce each rune. Each rune is one specific sound. So given that, after some practice you should be able to read any pronunciation for any language on Earth, and therefore be able to quickly learn and pickup new words without having to learn a new script/writing system, or another different way of using the English alphabet (i.e. all the dozens of Romanization schemes). Instead, master Tone, and you can master the pronunciation of any language.